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The Change of Focus Regarding Insulation

Not so many years ago the main focus on housing temperature loss was through the installation of double glazed windows and doors. Since then, however, a great many people have become aware of just how much heat they can lose through their walls, ceilings and roof; and also what they can save by having cavity wall insulation.

DOE Confirms Spray Foam Insulation the BestIt’s estimated that an un-insulated property can lose 26% of heat through its roof and 33% through its walls, compared to 18% through windows. The remainder is as 8% through floors, drafts account for 12% and doors 3%.

3 Types of Insulation

Primarily there are three types of insulation: polystyrene beads, mineral wool and spray foam insulation. Beads were one of the first forms of wall insulation.

Unfortunately those who invested in this in the early stages often found that the beads leaked through cracks and crannies, leading them to be found all over the home.

This problem was overcome by adding an adhesive and this sticky substance is pumped into the walls where it sets. Mineral wool, also known as rock wool, is blown into the wall and is mainly used for commercial properties.

Consequently many firms who deal with home insulation don’t stock it. These traditional cellulose and wool products have also been shown to be ineffective, due to the many inherent gaps in the product that allow air to escape and thus temperature loss.

The best solution is spray foam insulation – mainly because this multi-purpose foam can be used just about anywhere and is extremely effective. It stops drafts, keeps unwanted moisture out and is easy to apply.

Why Contractors and Others Prefer Spray Foam Insulation

With the biggest temperature losses through the walls and roof, contractors are aware that if they can use one product to combat both then they can save a household 59% of temperature loss in one hit!

Being able to use foam for both jobs also reduces the equipment and supplies they need and also wastage. Contractors know that they can reliably order spray foam insulation kits from Foam Kit Solutions and their supplies will be there in no time at all.

Having such a fast and dependable supplier keeps the contractors and their customers at ease. They also know that in addition to cavity walls and the roof, spray foam insulation has a multitude of uses – including insulating under the bath, repairing and insulating sheds, boats and even cellars.

The uses it can be put to are staggering, so there’s never any worry about having any leftover product. To cap it all the spray foam insulation from Foam Kit Solutions, one of Ohio’s most successful companies, are also mold and pest resistant.

When you consider all of the above it’s easy to see why the spray foam insulation from Foam Kit Solutions is the preferred choice for contractors today.