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As we head into the winter months I have a hard time feeling any seasonal cheer. Yeah, the holidays are great, I’m looking forward to time off with the family, etc. etc… I do love the fall, and Thanksgiving is terrific, but as soon as November comes to a close I can’t help but feel a great unease at the impending doom of winter.

Spray Foam Insulation Makes It Better

Of course it could be worse. The truth is that my house is pretty darn comfortable, even when the temperature drops to the single digits. A couple of years ago I took the plunge and had certain key areas of my house insulated with closed cell spray foam insulation. I do save a ton on my gas bill, but the real benefit is that the house is just warmer. I am a man who appreciates my creature comforts, and I am a man who absolutely hates to be cold. And even though I live in the frozen Tundra of Wisconsin, I really hate to shovel snow.

Spray Foam Insulation Sweeping the Nation

And apparently I am not alone. See this recent article: I’m Thankful for Closed Cell Foam Insulation. Of course it’s not just for homes. More and more new construction as well as structural improvement products are embracing the benefits of spray foam. Recently Georgia State University made some improvements to their stadium.

So while others are covering their windows with plastic and huddling together with blankets to stay warm this winter, I will be toasty warm in my house, and saving on my heating bills at the same time, all due to spray foam insulation.