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9′ Handi-Gun Hose Assembly


9.5′ (3 M) Handi-Gun hose assembly.

Use with ColorWise Temperature Warning Nozzles.

Purchase a Handi-Gun 9' Foam Hose assembly available for the II-605 Spray Foam Insulation Kits. Compatible spray foam kits for the Handi-Gun 9-foot Foam Hose include:

Handi-Foam 605 E-84 Class 1 Closed Cell Insulation Kit

Handi-Foam 605 Quick Cure Closed Cell Insulation Kit

Use a ColorWise Temperature Warning Nozzle with your Handi-Gun 9-foot Foam Hose for an efficient, well-mixed spray. Improve the quality and efficiency of your insulation projects with this Handi-Gun 9-foot Foam Hose assembly. For larger projects, be sure to also view our Handi-Gun 15-foot Foam Hose product listing.